Comprehensive testing and certification organization KTL

KTL under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy is the only public organization in Korea that provides comprehensive testing and certification services.

Korea Trust Leader

KTL aims for top technology( Top ), Sense of ownership ( Responsible ), mutual cooperation( U&I ),
future orientation( Sustainable ) and rules and principles( Transparenet )

Job Creation

KTL has consistently sought to turn irregular jobs into regular employment in an effort to create new and quality jobs.

Social Value

KTL is creating social values by ensuring gender equality, respecting human rights, and practicing fair trade.

Beyond Korea No.1

KTL will go beyond the best in Korea and become a world-class organization that compete with global institutions.

Support for SMEs

Around 20,000 small and medium-sized enterprises are the most valued customers of KTL. We will always do our best to support them.

Safety & Environment

KTL has protected the safety of the people through efforts, including the verification of fine dust measuring instruments and the measurement and analysis of hazardous materials in daily lives.

The 4th Industrial Revolutio

For the successful adoption of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, KTL is researching on how to evaluate the excellence and risks of related technologies.

Industrial Technology Innovation Promotion Act Article 41

KTL's mission is improving the nation’s industrial competitiveness and people’s quality of lives through testing and certification with technical support.

Contribution to Regional Development

Since the relocation to Jinju, South Gyeongsang Province, KTL has contributed to the development of local communities by establishing aviation and space infrastructures.